Navidad: La lotería nacional

IMG_20171221_133322_298In Spain Chritsmas time starts with the national lotery the 22th December. I post for you the spot of several years including 2017. The spot for the lotery is important from a cultural point of view: it speaks about dreams and challenges of the Spanish society and many times makes references to the news of the year. That year the spot has been done by Alejandro Amenabar (The others). Do you know him? Let’s go for a walk in Madrid with the main character Danielle and live a fantastic love story.

Mira el spot: ¿Quién es Danielle?¿Qué representa? ¿La puedes describir? Puedes comentarlo en línea/ on line.

Some words ans expressions

se me ha ido la cobertura: I lost the range/net

tu décimo: yout ticket of lotery

qué colgada: such a mad

cúbreme: replace me

nos toca: we win the lotery

el chucho: el perro

de tonta no tiene un pelo: She’s not studpid at all

el paneta es total: the planet is amazing

en obras: under construction

churros: typical sweet

el gordo: the bigest prize of the lotery

Spots of 2016 and 2015


In that addres you’ll find the spot and exercices for 2014:

spot and exercices 2014

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