Famous songs: Noches de boda

A little bit of music: famous Spanish songs. Do you already know Joaquin Sabina? He is know as the poet of the XX century for his ability to describe the feelings of the young generations, every type of love and the underground characters of the Spanish society.

A lot of black humor and poetry all togheter…

Check the translation below!

Wedding nights/Noches de boda

by Joaquin Sabina

May your make-up not quench your laughter
may the luggage not weigh your wings,
may the calendar not hurry you along
may the dictionary stop the bullets.
May the blinds correct the northen lights
may the “I want” win the war against “I can”
may those who wait not count the hours
may those who kill die of fright.
May the end of the world find you dancing
may the spotlight wash away my white hairs
may you never know when or how
or one hundred in the bush, or today or tomorrow.
May the heart never ron out of fashion
may the autumns tan your skin golden
may every night be a wedding night
may the honeymoon never set.
May every night be a wedding night
may every moon be a honeymoon.
May the truth be free of inhibitions
may the lies look exactly like lies
may the mirrors not agree with you
may what you see be of good use to you.
May helplesness not take care of you
may every supper be your last supper
may being brave not turn out so costly
may being coward bot be worth it.
May they not buy for less than nothing
may they not sell you love without thorns
may they not lull you to sleep with fairytales
may they not close the pub on the corner.

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