The three kings

A little bit more about the “belén”.As you have watched in the previous videos,there are a lot of typical characters inside the small town representing the life of the people of these times. Between the characters we include the three kings,who are suppose to approach the “pesebre” with Maria,Jose and the baby reaching the 6th January. So,if you have buildt a belen at home you must take care they really find the child or you’ll not get any present!

In that video my friend Ana show you a “Belen” with the three kings and explains some typical Christmas sweets.

The 6th January there’s a huge national lotery play again called “el niño”, which means “the lotery of the baby”. As we were not lucky on 22th December we try again!Who knows…?

One Reply to “The three kings”

  1. Thanks so much! Here where I live, it has become very popular to reenact the entire “Belén” in various churches, both inside the church and outside. They have volunteer actors, live animals (including camels) and hand-made buildings and stalls. There are always a few young couples with a little baby who take turns as the holy family. Just imagine!


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