She emphasized on developing and improving my speaking skills

“One year with Belén has opened up my horizons. During that one year She emphasized on developing and improving my speaking skills, of which only now do i realize the value. This set the ball rolling and I’ve not only found a special person in her but also a great teacher who never hesited to share with her students her experience and effort to promote the language.”

Ashma Saldanha

IMG-20170716-WA0001Her method is flexible and yet effective to meet the students needs

“Belén has been a great teacher. Not only a teacher but also a tower of strength for me. I would two hours of class with her was a perfect blend of activities such as the first half an hour of grammar, the next one hour of the textbook and the last half an hour of discussion on various topics. Her method is flexible and yet effective to meet the students needs. She being the native teacher, we had a chance to know the Spanish culture at a very close range rather than just textual knowledge. My personal best moment was when two of her old friends visited us at the class and later spent time with us cooking the authentic dishes. Even though I couldn’t go to Spain to taste the authenticity, I believe, I lived the Spanish culture in those two hours of my Spanish class.”

Abilasha Hiwale



Has been very dedicated in clearing concepts and covering up the history, geography, culture

“Pursuing and completing Advanced diploma in Spanish Language in University of Pune has been my greatest experience and a success not just in my education but also in to my career front. Our teacher, Belen Rodriguez, has been very dedicated in clearing concepts and covering up the history, geography, culture, literature and many other subjects involved in learning Spanish, one of the most widely spoken language in the world. It is worth mentioning that Belén herself being a native from Spain and through all her teaching methods, there was no doubt that I really experienced the classroom getting converted into a mini Spanish town, where I also got a chance to occasionally meet people from Spain. All this also helped me in my trip to Spain where I was able visit even the secluded areas of Spain like Algeciras and Ceuta where it is very difficult to survive without knowing proper Spanish.”

Amir Memon


KR foto.png

She conducted plenty of group activities

“Studying Spanish under Belén has been a great learning experience. Apart from regular grammar & semantics of the Spanish language, she conducted plenty of group activities like debates, group discussions to include all students. Being from the journalism background, she kept us informed about the current affairs in the Spanish world & made us opine on our national news & events. Outside the classroom, our sessions took place at local eateries, exhibitions & even atop an old fort; where we talked about not only books & movies but also about off-beat topics like the “how & why”s of human reactions, society’s norms & conformity. Arguing your pet theories & opinions in a  foreign language is a different ball game altogether. Which is why these conversations with Belén were significant in our growing knowledge of a new language and culture. It’s been more than a year since I sat in her classroom but our outdoor sessions go on & she still continues to guide me. Thanks, Belén.”

Kaustubh Rajwade


Belén siempre hacía tiempo para escuchar a las dudas de todos los estudiantes

“Tuve la oportunidad de conocer a la profesora Belén como su alumno, cuando en 2015 ingresé en la Universidad de Pune. Con una persona tan profundamente involucrada en su profesión como Belén, hay varios aspectos con cual se puede describir su carácter. Aún así, yo describiría dos puntos sobre ella que me influyeron más como estudiante. Primero, su manera de enfocar las materias del curso. Tras recibir una clase con una gran disparidad de aprendizaje, Belén implementó un syllabus que aseguraba la participación activa de todos. Lo que resultó es un entorno de armonía y colaboración en la clase, estimulando la curiosidad y actitud de cada uno. Segundo, su paciencia con los alumnos. Belén siempre hacía tiempo para escuchar a las dudas de todos los estudiantes, y su gentil explicación siempre les aliviaba. En consecuencia, la mayoría de su clase aprobó el examen final, y varios, como yo, pusieron conseguir trabajo en la industria.

 Deseo a Belén todo lo mejor, y espero que ella siga adelante en todos sus empeños.”                                                                                                                                Om Marathe

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