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“To learn Spanish? Don’t stress, that’s only to have fun.”  Belén


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book  adapted to you with a chapter every week. It includes explanations, exercices, videos, songs and test on line.

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50 min. of conversation twice a week. You’ll speak from the begining and you’ll improve on your rythm.

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Authentic cultural information. You’ll have flexibility and you’ll be ready to visit the country.


You’ll learn with a communicative methodology which provides you the basis of the grammar in context and using inmediatly everything you learn.

You’ll manage to speak Spanish throughout 10 Chapters which contains different classes and specific objectives; more than 10 hours of fluent Spanish speaking.

Get enroll and study Spanish twice a week!



Why do you want to learn?

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5 courses,

choose the right one for you.


To travel.


Spanish for travelling


 To work in a company.


 Spanish for business


To have a diploma.


DELE exam

 And you can also choose:


 Spanish conversation


Perfect for students who already know Spanish and want to practice their oral skills!

This online course allows you to practice simple conversational techniques that will give you confidence when meeting and greeting people using your Spanish as well as reviewing basic grammar. The syllabus is built attending to your interest.



Regular Spanish course


Ideal for all the students who want to learn from the beginning step by step in every level!

The course contains 10 chapters which allows you to learn basic and advanced grammar&vocabulary in context. You will get to practise using important rules that will greatly improve your ability to communicate in both spoken and written Spanish.


“Failure does not exist: each student has a different interest and talent. Choose your interest and develop your talent in Spanish.” Belén


You’ll learn in three steps:

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Getting all materials on your mail for free.

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Doing the exercices at your own pace.

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Asking and speaking by skype.

Do you miss learning in group?

For many students to learn in group is a big motivation because they can solve the exercices togheter and to make new friends. Despite we’ll not have the lessons in a group, You’ll not be alone.

I have prepared the materials in a campus where you’ll have the opportunity to share your likes and to chat  in Spanish about different topics including  those proposed by you. Students will also exchange cultural information about the Hispanic world.


“Because humans are sociables, sharing is an important way to learn.” Belén


Do it on line and contact me to verify your score.




“Every exam you writte is an opportunity to discover your potencial.” Belén



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Meera is an indian girl travelling to Spain to study one year in Madrid. She stays with an Spanish familiy having the opportunity to understand the Spanish family and life from inside. With Meera you’ll learn the real language in authentic situations, all these common expressions that you can’t find in the manuals.

Just clic on it to see an example:

Mira, Meera


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There are many interesting news everyday, but to find them requires time and checking in many newspapers and magazines. I collect the most interesting for you attending to your level of language. Read them on your phone while waiting, eating, travelling…practice in your death time your vocabulary and reading skills.

Clic on it and install Flipboard on your phone:

 Spanish in India

All levels

 Whatever your level is, follow my Facebook and learn with pics, videos and songs.


There is not much free time after work, but always enough for cheking our fb. Following the page you’ll read new words without much effort.

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espanol en pune

for free

“In the society of the XXI century to profit free resources to learn is almost an obligation.” Belén

FEES Doubting the first class?

To enroll in any language course implies to spend many hours with the teacher, that’s why it’s important to feel free and comfortable togheter. Fortunatelly learning on line you can choose your teacher having a trial class and meeting before. In addition that time has a big value because it allows me:

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To check your level in spoken Spanish.

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To know your learning style.

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To meet discover your needs and adapt the cours to you.



Attend your free 20 minuts trial class.

Send me an email writting the following information about you:

It’ll be an interesting and motivating experience.



Checking your pocket money?

Depending on your choise, each course have a different fee. Check the prices below.





All courses contain ten chapters that you can complete in ten or more classes depending on your learning rhythm. However, many students are not able to set study hours or they demoralize after a couple of lessons.

To help you to be constant I’ve fixed for all courses to pay a package of six classes before you start. Beginnings can be hard, but you can’t give up! The best will come!

Booking one single lesson is only possible for DELE preparation, although I recommend you to complete the course if you want to succeed in the exam.


“Contancy is the key to success.” Belén


Not time for joining a course?

Working during the whole day? Being out all the time? Travelling? Taking care of your family?

Whatever your situation is, don’t worry, we’ll find out the right hour for you.

Learning on line allows us to have a lesson in atypical hours, in fact, most of my students book late in the afternoon after finishing their jobs.


How can we organize to build our common schedule?

That’s simply, you must only to notify by mail your best hours and it’ll appear in our calendar.

Not time to go to the bank? 

It seams unbeliveble but the solution is gonna be very easy.

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There’are two safety ways to do it:



With paypal  you pay on line using your credit card and.

With the app phonepe you transfer money from your account to another. You only need to ask your bank for an ID.


“There are not excuses: want is power.”