Willing to listen to real conversations?

Be patient, get used to the speed of the language and develop self confidence understanding the most important details. You can activate the automatic subtitles too.

Searching for cultural information?

Observe the places and the dates about Spain and Spanish people. Notice differences and forget about stereotypes. All the videos have been recorded in Galicia!

  1. At the tourist office. Dialog about places in the town with prepositions and directions.

  1. Prepositions in the leaving room. Explanation of basic prepositions to place objects.

  1. At the restaurant. Understanding of a menu in a local restaurant.

  1. The room. Understanding the furnitures of the room.

  1. El billete de tren. How to buy your ticket in the machine. Basic words.


  1. En la zapateria. Colours. Adjectives to buy in the shoe and clothes shop.