Storytelling is not only to listen to an story, it is a way to share experiences, to travel to other countries, to learn new words, to connect with others in a group, to reflect about values and daily life…and overall: to discover and change ourselves.My storytelling sessions are conducted in libraries, NGO, cafeterias, social spaces and after school programs.

A regular storytelling session least between 30 min and 1h 15min depending on the number of participants and their age.They are told in Spanish, in English depending in the mother tongue of the audience, and sometimes in both languages in case the participants wish to learn Spanish.

1. Folk tales about Spain and Latinoamerica (In English).A way to work with the History and traditions of the Spanish speaking countries. The session includes songs, plays and worksheets with activities but they are suitable for all ages and audiences.

2. Stories for intercultural skills (In Spanish and English).These are stories connecting Spain and India in which characters from both countries meet and go through adventures and exchange the best of their own cultures. Many of them try to explain habits of each culture using the other in an original way in order to observe the reality with new eyes. All the stories are written by myself and content a lot of humor and reflections about how become a global citizen. The stories are suitable for children and teenagers.¿Curious? some of the titles: The Spanish Masala maker, The Spanish natnee, The stonish mirror, The Spanish Tagore, The golden templo and others.


For young travelers there is a set of stories with Cat-Alina as a protagonist. Se is a special agent from India who speaks Spanish and can tele-transport herself from the gate of India to the gate of Alcalá in Madrid. She has missions to solve in Spain with his fried “Torito Olé” and many other characters. The stories allow children to discover painters, monuments, food and festivals trough the adventures of the characters. It includes selected vocabulary in Spanish and flash cards to learn words in context.

3. Stories for Spanish beginners (Spanish and English).Short stories for learning basic vocabulary as food, clothes, parts of the house or places in town. They include working with hands, puppets and singing and they are perfect for children learning Spanish for first time. Some of the stories are based in my childhood in Spain and have been written to motivate my students to talk in Spanish about their own experiences and to build empathy towards other human beings.Some titles: Frogs in the stomach, The story of my name, A family birthday, My adopted unt, A trip with my dog, Spain by car…

4. Social stories. (In English)Stories connected to some particular days in our calendar as the Day of the Earth, Day against Women’s Violence, Day of the peace or special occasions as Christmas, Eastern, Day of the death, Diwali and other. There are tales from different authors modified to be adjusted to the audience and the place where they are told. These are stories for everyone to celebrate togetherness.Ready to hear one story?

And a bit of…Poetry